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Fall Vegetable Gardening

Want to enjoy fresh vegetables this fall and even winter?
With the proper planning and plant choices you can! Now is the time to start thinking about and planning out your fall and winter vegetable garden. Come visit us on Monday the 31st as our expert Jenny shares with you her knowledge and experience. She will help you be successful in your own garden this fall and winter whether this is something brand new to you, or you just want to learn how to do it better.

What: Fall Vegetable Gardening Class

When: Monday Aug 31st at 10 am

How to prune a hydrangea

So, how do you prune a hydrangea?

How you prune your hydrangea and when depends on whether it blooms on old wood or current years growth. Have no idea what variety or type you have? Here are some clues:

A lot of the Mophead varieties bloom on old wood. They tend to bloom early summer and peter out by midsummer with a few continuing scattered blooms.

Pruning hydrangeas that bloom on old wood

It's important to know that pruning isn't a necessity for the health of the plant. If you are happy with your plant and the plant in turn also seems happy, you can just sit back and enjoy!

Plant of the week: Grasses

Learn about some of our favorite grasses and what they can do for your landscape.

Here's our Plant of the Week Video.




Summer Blooming Trees

During these warm dog-days of summer when we expect to relax and slow down, our senses are tantalized by the scents and sights of what seems like clouds of blossoms from some trees. That’s right – trees blooming now in the Pacific Northwest.

Clerodendron trichotomum, also known as the Peanut Butter Tree or Harlequin Glorybower, can be covered with buds and blossoms of sweet smelling white flowers. As the flowers bloom at different times, you can often find buds, open blossoms and colorful seeds on the same umbel at one time- a long lasting show.
The seeds are a deep metallic aqua color surrounded by a bright fuchsia calyx.
Easy to grow in part to full sun with regular water in dry summers.


  Albizia julibrissin, also known as the Silk tree or Mimosa, is tropical looking with its fern-like leaves yet is hardy. The bright pink fluffy stamens look like a spray of silk. Easy to grow in sun to part sun.


Lagerstroemia indica, or Crape Myrtle, has really been putting on quite a show this year with our hot temperatures. Drought tolerant and sun loving, the masses of white, red, pink or purple panicles are worth the wait. Interesting bark gives it year round interest.


Heptacodium miconioides, the Seven-Sons Tree, has small, snow-white, fragrant flowers that fade away to a pink-red calyx. These hold on well through fall. The tree has unusual peeling bark. Drought tolerant in part to full sun.


Oxydendrum arboreum, or Sourwood, thrives in moist but well drained soil in full sun. The tiny fragrant white bell shaped flowers remind some of lily of the valley. Glossy, dark green leaves make the tree shine again later in fall with their bright red color.


How wonderful it is to see these clouds of color against the blue skies we have had this summer.            

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