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What's Blooming 5.02.2016

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Travel the World with Patio Peonies




 Sit back and enjoy the view of 'cities of the world' on your patio or deck.


 Patio Peonies, with names such as Rome, Oslo, Moscow, Madrid, and Kiev have been developed to stay compact in height. None grows taller than 2.5 feet while others are less than 2 feet when mature.


 The flower size has not changed and can grow as large as 6 inches. Most have a sweet but not overwhelming fragrance.

 Their stems are very strong - no need for staking. This also makes them a good cut flower for your arrangements.

 Like other peonies, they are sun loving and like good drainage. Place them in your garden - yes - but with these special Patio Peonies, you have the choice of growing them in containers.



 They are an easy care plant. Cut back the early summer blossoms when spent. The glossy green leaves of the plant stay bushy and look attractive all season. Grown in a decorative pot, it can stay on your patio all summer.

 Butterflies love Patio Peonies. You will too!

 Their names will spark memories or dreams of travel to far away cities.

What's Blooming 4.25.2016

Colorful Azaleas start blooming at this time of year.

Choose one of these for a sunny spot.

Encore® Azaleas bloom now, will rebloom in the summer and again in the fall.

These shrubs take more sun than other evergreen azaleas - up to 6 hours.

        Encore Autumn Monarch                                 Encore Autumn Carnation

Encore Autumn Sweetheart

Deciduous azaleas bloom before they are fully leafed out allowing the flowers to be the outstanding feature on the shrub. They prefer to be grown in full sun but can take some shade. A second show of color comes in the fall when the cooler nights change the light green leaves to a maroon or reddidh-orange color before they drop.

                       Rosy Lights                                         Arneson Golden Solitaire

                    Western Lights                                             Candy Lights