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What are Deciduous Azaleas?

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The intense colors and fragrance of the flowers make deciduous azaleas real show-stoppers. They do not want to be ignored by passers-by. Those bright yellows and oranges pop on our sometimes rainy gray spring days. Likewise the pinks, lilacs, reds and whites. They can be solid or multicolored or a mix of both as some start one shade and age to another.

The Pacific Northwest is known for its plentiful rain. As a result many areas have acidic soil.What better to grow than a plant which blooms each year and thrives in that soil.

Deciduous azaleas, sometimes called Exbury or Weston's depending on who hybridized the specific variety, lose their leaves in the winter. A plus is their outstanding fall colors. The clusters of blossoms come out in the spring, sometimes even before the leaves.

Like the evergreen azaleas, they prefer moist, well drained soil but the deciduous azaleas like the sun! They can take afternoon shade. Care is easy with regular water, especially the first year and feeding with a rhododendron/azalea acidic fertilizer. Little pruning is needed but they can be shaped right after blooming.

Plant as a specimen or a bright collection. You are sure to be pleased.

Grow Your Own!




Do you enjoy the pungent and distinct taste of Horseradish? Why not grow your own! Horseradish is a rugged and cold hardy perennial with very few problems from disease or pests, great for any beginner. Plant in early spring as soon as the soil is dry enough to be worked. They can tolerate most any soil as long as it’s not waterlogged but loose soil will make it much easier to harvest the roots.


Find a sunny location and loosen soil down to about a foot deep working in some compost to get your plant off to a vigorous start. Take your root start and plant at a 45 degree angle with 30” from any other plants. Bury it with the crown just above soil surface. Water it in and watch your Horseradish grow. The roots will spread to about 18” or more and the green leafs reaching 24”. To keep from looking ragged in the summer, water weekly.


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