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Freshen Your Air With Houseplants

Most gardeners enjoy being out in the fresh air and feel a little stressed from the stale indoor winter air in our well insulated and sealed homes. Houseplants to the rescue!

Studies done by NASA and several major universities have confirmed that chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene can be given off from everyday cleaning products, furniture, flooring, even your electronic and printing equipment! Cardio and respiratory problems can result.

Christmas Living and Christmas Cut

There are many options when it comes to choosing your Christmas tree.

The traditions of Christmases past usually have a strong influence on you when making that decision but there are other considerations. Once you have decided to choose local and natural, then you have to think about having a fresh-cut tree or a living tree.

We are offering Noble and Nordmann firs, two of the best for long lasting needles and strength of branches as fresh-cut trees. Choosing between two kinds makes it easier.

Fat Alberta spruce
Grand fir Hoopsii spruce Dwarf Alberta spruce Fat Albert spruce

It gets more difficult when choosing a living tree. There are more options than just size! Maybe you are lucky enough to have already decided on a new tree for your garden and know what it is you want.  We have many trees that can come inside for a time during the holiday season and can then be put outside and later planted to enjoy for many years to come.

Limber pine Bakeri spruce Pinus fastiagatus Horstmann's silberlocke
Limber pine Bakeri spruce Fastigiata pine Horstmann's Silberlocke

If you think you would like to go this route and are not sure what tree might work in your overall holiday décor, stop by to see the possibilities. There are many different types of firs, spruce and pines that will look wonderful all decked out and later serve as a focal point in your yard, along your driveway or as part of an ever growing landscape planting for wildlife in your garden.

noble trees thunderhead pines
Nobles Thunderhead pines

Come feel and smell the trees. Imagine them inside or on your front porch covered with lights and other decorations. Ask our customer service for help as to the trees’ growth habits and possibilities of keeping in a pot for a year or two.


             You could make the memories and beauty of this Christmas                                have a place in your yard all year long!


Information on the care of living Christmas trees.

Holiday Decor - Hand-made wreaths from Farmington Gardens

The following wreaths are available for sale online---made locally here at Farmington Gardens.

Click the 'Buy Now' button below to place your order today.

Wreaths may be *shipped anywhere in the continental U.S. via standard ground shipping only.

Buy this Beautiful 22" Classic wreath from Farmington Gardens

Holiday Wreath and Centerpiece Workshops

Oh so simple, fun and uniquely yours!

Misty and Stephanie will help you choose from a variety of seasonal material to spice up a wreath or create a unique centerpiece.

Start with one of our basic 24" noble fir wreaths and customize it with an assortment of greens, dried seeds, cones, twigs and other natural materials - all of which we provide!

Bring in any special items you might like to include. Your creative ideas and our staff's knowledge and sense of design are sure to result in a memorable piece for your home or to give as a gift.


Or, add to your holiday decor by fashioning a centerpiece for your hallway or dining table. Thanksgiving and Christmas are holiday times of year when you invite friends over to your home. Delight them with your one-of-a-kind designs.

We'll supply the materials, you supply the creativity. Bring any special items you might want to use in addition to the greens, natural materials and small ornaments supplied.

Because we found this class to be a favorite group activity with visiting friends and family members on Thanksgiving weekend, we have added even more classes.

When: November 22nd, 2014 @11am-1pm

             November 29th, 2014 @11am-1pm

             December  6th, 2014 @11am-1pm

             December 13th, 2014 @11am-1pm                        

Where: Farmington Gardens

Cost: $30 for a wreath and $20 for the centerpiece

Preregistration and prepayment required.

Email: or

Call: 503.649.4568