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What's New and Blooming 5/27/2015

Hosta Mania

  hosta patriot white and greenhosta Golden Tiara - green with yellow edge

                          Patriot                                             Golden Tiara

  hosta Trifecta - three toned leafhosta mouse ears - small blue

                       Trifecta                                          Blue Mouse Ears

hosta Francee - green center, white edgehosta Sum and Substance -large green leaves

                       Francee                                         Sum and Substance

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Basil Loves to Be Pinched!

Basil can be used in sauces and in vinegars. Add some to a salad. Use it as a garnish. Complement your fish or egg dishes with basil. Make a basil butter. Cool and use the butter  immediately or freeze for later to use over hot vegetables - try it with corn-on-the-cob (yummy) or on a bread - basil garlic bread (double yummy)

Grow a classic basil and then, try one with an added touch of flavor.

  • Genovese basil - classic, Italian large leaf, grows to 24 inches
  • Lemon basil - lemony flavor, grows to 22inches                       
  • Bush basil - has tinier leaves and grows to 12 inches
  • Holy Green -  classic flavor, smaller leaves, grows 12 - 24 inches
  • Thai Sweet - has red-purple stems and purple flowers. Authentic Thai flavor, grows to 18 inches


                How to grow basil.

Double Red Knockout Rose

Rosa x 'Radtko' 3 gallon

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Double Pink Knockout Rose

Rosa x 'Radtkopink' 3 gallon

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What's New and Blooming 5/20/2015

Create your own Memorial Day Planter

   With red, white, and blues found in the greenhouse