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Saturday, Feb 11th @ 10am Garden Buddies: Let's Make a Terrarium

Supply Cost $5.00

Saturday, Feb 18th @ 11am Pruning and Care of Japanese Maples


Saturday, Feb 18th @ 1pm Staghorn Fern Workshop

Supply Cost $20.00


Sunday, Feb 19th @ 1pm Pruning and Care of Japanese Maples  Sorry Class Full

Monday, Feb 20th @ 11am Pruning and Care of Japanese Maples


Monday, Feb 20th @ 1pm Staghorn Fern Workshop

Supply Cost $20.00

Saturday, Feb 25th @ 11am Planning Your Spring Garden with Jenny


Saturday, Feb 25th @ 1pm Introduction to Mason Bees


Monday, Feb 27th @ 11am Planning Your Spring Garden with Jenny






Planting Tips


Garden Maintenance


  ♦ Early season vegetable starts can be planted. 

  ♦ Sow peas directly in the soil. Using an inoculant helps produce strong plants with a bountiful harvest.

  ♦ Read your seed packets for sprouting times and growth. Start some inside or in greenhouses now. Use a sterile seed starting mix. The tiny roots can spread in this more easily than regular soil.

  ♦ Primroses and potted bulbs can add color to your outdoor pots.

  ♦ Trees and shrubs can be planted now and will get lots of natural irrigation.


  ♦ Time to prune! Fruit trees, grapes, and berries can be done now.

  ♦ Don't forget to sterilize your cutting tools between plants so you do not spread disease.

  ♦ Use dormant spray on your fruit trees.

  ♦ Time to prune! Look at your japanese maples. Now is an excellent time to correct their form.

  ♦ Time to prune! Roses can be done later in the month.

  ♦ Cut back your red twig dogwood. Use the branches in a Valentine arrangement!

  ♦ Seek out hidden slug eggs and destroy them.

  ♦ Control moles and gophers.