What's Blooming 5.23.2016

Roses are Showing Their Colors!


                          Bull's Eye                                                       Smoke Rings


                           Fired Up                                                           First Prize


                       Twilight Zone                                                  George Burns


                       Mardi Gras                                                        Take It Easy

Container Gardening with Perennials

Both small and large gardens have room for containers.

On patios or balconies, the containers may even hold all of the garden! 


Choose a container you love for its shape, color or size. Fill with a good potting soil and choose your plants. Don't restrict yourself to the bright blooming annuals available at this time of year. You can also use perennials, small shrubs and trees in your containers. One of your main deciding factors in plant choice is whether the container will be in sun or shade. Once those decisions are made, you can enjoy those same plants for many years.

Containers can be simple and classic by growing only one plant like a hardy gardenia. It will bloom year after year and perfume the air by your front door or by your outdoor seating area. Another single plant to try is one of the new Patio Peonies, bred to grow in containers.


You can use a collection of containers or just one container with a collection of plants which interact and showcase each other by having different heights, textures and colors. Choose perennials which give the flower shape and color you love- like a coreopsis- but also stay a size good for your container - the Elfin coreopsis. Look for other attributes like the 'Radio Red' Salvia that attracts hummingbirds. You can use small shrubs like an abelia which will stay evergreen, keeping your container colorful even during the winter months. 

Grasses always add great texture and movement while perennial groundcovers like ajuga or vinca can soften the edges of containers when spilling over. They also create a base to highlight your taller plants.                                                                             

All plants in containers need more water than those in the ground. The watering schedule depends on the size of the pot, the type of plants and the number of plants per pot. It can be daily during the hotter months. All this this washes out the nutrients so don't forget to fertilize monthly during the growing season. We recommend Dr Earth's All Purpose for most containers and Dr Earth's Bud and Bloom for those with heavy blooming perennials. You want to have healthy plants in these showcase containers you are creating.

Watch MJ on Garden Time showing some containers filled with perennials.

The japanese maple 'Mikawa yatsubusa' is perfect for planters because it is a dwarf tree. It grows slowly to a maximum of 6 feet tall and wide over 10 years. This allows the tree to remain in a large planter for a long time.

What makes this acer palmatum unique

What's Blooming 5.16.2016

So much color at this time of year!

                Daylily 'Stella de Oro'                                Campanula 'Catharina'                

          Hydrangea 'Endless Summer'                            Double Knockout Rose

                Rose 'Julio Iglesias'                                        Coreopsis 'Jethro Tull'

                     Fringe Tree                                                  Black Lace Elderberry

What's Blooming 5.10.2016

Enjoy Twice

These Clematis Bloom Now

And Rebloom Later

                             Clelsea                                                  Barbara Jackman

                     Ernest Markham                                                Nelly Moser

                             Moonlight                                                   Daniel Deronda

How to plant and care for clematis.

Caring for your Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets look beautiful when you first bring them home. To keep them that way you need to follow an almost daily routine of watering - especially for those baskets out in full sun. They could need watering twice a day on those extremely hot summer days. During rainy or cooler times, you might want to reach in and feel the soil before watering.


Why do baskets need more water than those plants in the ground? The hanging baskets are full of densely planted flowers. This is why they look so lush and beautiful. Their roots fill in the comparatively small basket. They drink up that water!

To keep your hanging baskets blooming, a regular fertilization regime is necessary. If the plants are not fed, they will not continue throwing out new buds. Deadheading helps with some of the baskets - epecially the fuchsia and geraniums. This not only keeps them neat and tidy looking, the plants won't put their energy into producing seed heads.They will continue flowering.

What else do you need to do?

Just ENJOY them!


What's Blooming 5.02.2016

Click on photo for detailed image.

Travel the World with Patio Peonies




 Sit back and enjoy the view of 'cities of the world' on your patio or deck.


 Patio Peonies, with names such as Rome, Oslo, Moscow, Madrid, and Kiev have been developed to stay compact in height. None grows taller than 2.5 feet while others are less than 2 feet when mature.


 The flower size has not changed and can grow as large as 6 inches. Most have a sweet but not overwhelming fragrance.

 Their stems are very strong - no need for staking. This also makes them a good cut flower for your arrangements.

 Like other peonies, they are sun loving and like good drainage. Place them in your garden - yes - but with these special Patio Peonies, you have the choice of growing them in containers.



 They are an easy care plant. Cut back the early summer blossoms when spent. The glossy green leaves of the plant stay bushy and look attractive all season. Grown in a decorative pot, it can stay on your patio all summer.

 Butterflies love Patio Peonies. You will too!

 Their names will spark memories or dreams of travel to far away cities.

What's Blooming 4.25.2016

Colorful Azaleas start blooming at this time of year.

Choose one of these for a sunny spot.

Encore® Azaleas bloom now, will rebloom in the summer and again in the fall.

These shrubs take more sun than other evergreen azaleas - up to 6 hours.

        Encore Autumn Monarch                                 Encore Autumn Carnation

Encore Autumn Sweetheart

Deciduous azaleas bloom before they are fully leafed out allowing the flowers to be the outstanding feature on the shrub. They prefer to be grown in full sun but can take some shade. A second show of color comes in the fall when the cooler nights change the light green leaves to a maroon or reddidh-orange color before they drop.

                       Rosy Lights                                         Arneson Golden Solitaire

                    Western Lights                                             Candy Lights


Let Earth Day Motivate You

Today is Earth Day!

                                     Stellar Pink Dogwood

What does that mean to most of us?

It reminds us that we are a part of a very large planet. What we do affects our world.

Let that reminder motivate you to help with climate change by planting a tree.

  Bloodgood Japanese Maple

♦Trees help clean the air with their leaves.

♦Their roots protect our water by controlling erosion and run off to our streams and rivers.

♦They allow us to conserve energy by shading our homes in the summer and act as buffers from strong winds.

      Native Serviceberry






Plant a native tree which is very adaptable to the local soil conditions and thrives in our climate.

Plant a flowering tree to add beauty to the neighborhood and value to your home.

Plant a Japanese Maple. There are so many reasons why.  Their leaf color, leaf shape, bark, and growth habit allow them to be placed in any type or size of garden.


      Tulip Shade Tree


 Plant a shade tree to create a coolness to your garden  and house.

 Eat local and grow a fruit tree.

             Asian Pears







You have so many choices when making that one step of planting a tree.

Let this Earth Day motivate you to be part of the solution.