What's Blooming 9.30.2016

The changing season brings out fresh new blooms and color.

     Camellias are just starting to bloom.            Enjoy the blue centers of Bloomstruck -

                     Appleblossom                           Rebloom of Endless Summer hydrangeas.


          Supreme Cantaloupe Echinacea        Golden Ruby barberry has a yellow edge.

The flowers of the Wild Swan anemone have strong mauve/purple stripes on their back.

Plants and color for your Fall displays.

Pruning Japanese Maples

When can you prune Japanese maples? Is there a difference between pruning weeping maples and upright maples? How much can you safely prune without damaging the form and health of the tree?

Join Lou while he goes over these questions and more. He will demonstrate the pruning of a Japanese maple while giving tips and tricks to shaping the tree for years of beauty. So much better than trying to follow a diagram!

Tour our display garden to admire mature Japanese maples and all they have to offer.

This is a popular class and quickly fills up. Sign up early!

 What: Pruning Japanese Maples

 When: October 29th, 2016  @  10 AM
             October 30th, 2016  @    1 PM
             October 31rst, 2016 @ 10 AM

 Where: Farmington Gardens
              21815 SW Farmington Rd, Beaverton OR 97007
 Cost:     FREE but please register
 Phone:  503.649.4568


See Lou on YouTube

Garden Buddies: Fall Rains and the Water Cycle

Let's learn all about water, the water cycle and some tips for conserving water in our gardens and daily lives.
Then we will work on the scientific method for keeping track of how much rain falls.
We'll make rain gauges out of real test tubes! Take home a notebook for collecting rain data though the winter.

 What:   Fall Rains and the Water Cycle
 When:   October 22nd, 2016 @ 10AM
 Where:  Farmington Gardens
               21815 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton OR 97007
 Cost:     Free but Registration is Required
 Phone:  503.649.4568
Lessons are geared toward children aged 5-10 but all ages are welcome. Children must be accompanied by an adult. We encourage our Garden Buddies to dress appropriately for hands-on activities.

Garden to Table: Fall Soups


 What:   Fall Soups

 When:  Saturday, October 8th, 2016 from 10:30AM -11:30AM

 Where: Farmington Gardens

              21815 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton OR 97007

 Cost:     Free but please REGISTER

 Phone:  503.649.4568





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Customer Appreciation 2016

Organic Composting

Compost is the key element to creating healthy soil in organic gardening.

Join Malibu Compost's founder for this fun and informative class focusing on types of compost, composting methods, uses of compost - including compost teas, enhancing compost with dry amendments and how much or how little compost is needed to create beautiful and healthy organic soil in your garden.

What:   Organic Gardening
When:  Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 @ 1PM                                                       
Where: Farmington Gardens                                                                                               6735 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton OR
Cost:    Free but please call or email to register
Phone:  503.649.4568

Fall Gardening Tips from Jenny

When your sunflowers are in full bloom,
it’s time to plant your fall garden!

The mild Pacific Northwest fall and winter make it possible to grow and harvest fresh vegetables long into the holiday season. Cool weather gardening is different from warm weather growing, as plants tend to grow slower and extra effort is needed to protect plants from any harsh weather.

There are some great benefits to fall gardening!

What's Blooming 9.3.16

We're getting ready for Fall and the Tomato Fest


Honey Harvesting and Beehive Fall Care

For first time beekeepers or those wanting to review best methods, Master Beekeeper, Alden Potter, from Tualatin Valley Beekeepers will guide you step by step on how to harvest the honey your bees have been producing this summer.

Leaving the bees with enough food to sustain themselves during the winter is important. Come learn the facts about honey gathering and fall hive management.

Maintaining a healthy, disease-free hive will help your bees stay productive next season.



 What: Honey Harvesting and Beehive Fall Care

 When: September 11th, 2016 @ 1PM

 Where: Farmington Gardens

               21815 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton OR 97007

Cost:     FREE but please REGISTER


Phone:   503.649.4568

PS Maybe, Alden will explain what he is standing with in this photo.

Why Plant Cover Crops

Washington County in the spring - a farmer's field of crimson clover.

Growing a vegetable garden is beneficial both for your soul and your fresh food supply BUT each crop depletes nutrients from the soil. Growing a cover crop, when not growing vegetables, is one way of putting some of those nutrients back into the soil.

Cover crops planted in the fall are tilled into the soil in the spring. This not only adds nutrients but the organic matter improves the texture of the soil- easier for next year’s vegetables to reach down into the soil. Think carrots and other root vegetables, or deep rooted ones like tomatoes.

Because the tilling is done before the plants go to seed in the spring yet are still alive, it is called adding green manure. Do this several weeks before planting your vegetables.

Read more for how cover crops help and what cover crops we carry this year.