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It's Time for Preventative Lawn Care

         You may be thinking about all the colorful annuals and perennials you would like to put in your pots and garden beds. This time of the year, don't we all? While we are forced to wait just a little bit longer to do some of these things, this is actually the perfect time to apply some weed prevention to your lawn. Wouldn't it be nice to stop weeds from growing in the first place instead of waiting until they become a problem? Well, that's the idea. The ideal window for lawn weed prevention is between Presidents and St. Patrick’s Day.


We recommend using Weed Beater Complete by Bonide. This unique product provides both pre-emergent and post-emergent control of both grassy and broadleaf weeds- including nutsedge, goosegrass, crabgrass, ground ivy. Systematic action from the leaves down and the roots up inhibits cell division and disrupts photosynthesis. It prevents new weeds from sprouting while killing those pesky perennial weeds such as the infamous dandelion. For great weed prevention, apply Weed Beater Complete to your lawn now. For those that struggle with certain challenging weeds such as Annual Blue Grass, we recommend applying both in the Spring and Fall for best results. Ask our staff for help determining which application schedule you should follow. Here is a guide to some other great products and including when to apply: 


  • Weed Beater Complete-Apply before St. Patrick's Day. Prevents seeds from sprouting while also killing perennial weeds.
  • Weed & Feed-Apply when weeds are actively growing. Kills weeds while feeding your lawn. Contains Iron for a deep green lawn.
  • Insect and Feed-Apply when insects first appear which is typically later on in the summer. This kills a broad range of lawn insects including weevils and fleas. Contains a slow release fertilizer to support a healthy lawn. 
  • Winterizer-Apply in the Fall. Strengthens the lawn for better winter hardiness. Contains iron and sulfur to protect and for a stronger spring green up.

As the grass in our lawns break dormancy and begins to grow again, why not give it some food? Help your lawn to fill out and recover from the long winter. Espoma's Organic Lawn Food is perfect for Oregon because it is slow releasing and won't leach out of the soil. This means no matter what stage your lawn is or how much rain we get, none of the fertilizer is wasted.

Of course, spring is the time to renew, overseed or spot seed your lawn. Farmington Gardens has a full line of Bonide Lawn Seed to meet your lawn needs whether for sun, shade, or drought resistance. We also have an organic fertilizer which encourages quick root development.

Taking care of your lawn now in this early season will leave you time later in the summer to sit back and enjoy.