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What's Blooming 3.25.2017

Spring Color Perennials will brighten your garden year after year!

Use them in containers now for long lasting color and plant in your garden later.

               Bergenia 'Baby Doll'                                         Bergenia 'Abenglut'

            Tiarella 'Sugar and Spice'                                 Brunnera 'Jack Frost'

     Aquilegia 'Origami Red and White'                     Hellebore 'Cotton Candy'


Cozy up for the winter

It’s winter and your opportunity to curl up in your favorite chair and finally take the time to pore over your garden magazines.  Clip out any ideas or plants that catch your interest. Create a garden journal, a pocket folder or even better, load up your smart phone to have easy access to your favorites and inspiraton.


If you have a view from your easy chair out to the yard, make note of the structure of your garden. Are there bare spots? (Oh boy, the plant-fanatics are rejoicing!) Make a note to choose and plant something to feature there. Maybe there might be something that would be better subtracted or moved to a new spot.

If you are the type that cannot sit inside on a fine winter's day, walk in your garden and get a few things done:

If you have saved seeds, it’s a good time to check that they are properly stored. Mice and insects will seek out fat pumpkin seeds stored in a shed or garage.

Assorted greeneryGather up any blowdown or windfall,  Choose some with choice structure to make an arrangement of mossy branch, curly willow, greens or berries.

Make note of pruning that will need to be done. Do not prune if temperatures are at or below  freezing! Branches are too brittle then.

Water any plants that are under the eaves of your house.  Just remember to drain the hose after watering and re-place the freeze-protection cover on your hose bib. Remember too that winds and below freezing temperature are very drying---so supplement with watering if we have a rainless spell.

Launch a search and destroy mission against slug eggs. They appear as white “pearls” under rocks and wood.

Columnar junipers, arborvitae and cypress  will bend and possibly break under the weight of snow. Remove all fallen leaves that may have caught up in the branches that would catch snow. Tie up the top portions to keep them from opening up under the weight of ice or snow. At the nursery we use large rubber bands, but simple twine will work.

At Farmington Gardens, we hope everyone will have a spectacular gardening season.  

What's Blooming 10.06.2016 Fall Color

Shrubs with Great Fall Color

'Sunshine' ligustrum

'Red Elf' pyracantha

'Orange Rocket' barberry

And to add to the season, try some of these...

What's Blooming 9.30.2016

The changing season brings out fresh new blooms and color.

     Camellias are just starting to bloom.            Enjoy the blue centers of Bloomstruck -

                     Appleblossom                           Rebloom of Endless Summer hydrangeas.


          Supreme Cantaloupe Echinacea        Golden Ruby barberry has a yellow edge.

The flowers of the Wild Swan anemone have strong mauve/purple stripes on their back.

Plants and color for your Fall displays.

Can You Really Plant During These Hot Days of Summer?

The summer sun has reached its peak and we are experiencing long, sunny days. You might have been surprised how much of that sun is getting to your garden now that shade from buildings and trees is not as long as at other times of the year. We can see why our part of the Pacific Northwest is known as having a Mediterranean climate during this time of year. It has been dry and hot.

You may have areas where plants have been overly stressed because of all this sun and need replacing, or you may just have some blank spaces in the garden that need filling. You now know what conditions you have in different parts of your garden so you can choose the right plant for the right place.



While it is not a good time to move established plants in your garden as their roots will get damaged no matter how careful you try to be, plants in pots are perfectly happy being placed in the ground now as long as extra care is taken regarding WATER. This applies to perennials, shrubs and trees.

Whether you plant in the shade or sun, the same rules apply.

What's Blooming 7.17.16

Dahlias are outstanding at this time of year. What color attracts you?

Click on each photo for a larger image.

What's Blooming 7.03.16

Climbing rose 'Fourth of July'

Hydrangea 'Quickfire'

'Guardian Blue' delphineum

Happy Independence Day!

Harvest Hope with Your Home Grown Produce

Farmington Gardens has the BEST gardeners!

Over the years, you have donated thousands of pounds to the PAR program.

You Have Harvested Hope!

Again this year, we would like to be the connecting link between your heartfelt donations and families who are struggling to put food on their table. Your fresh fruits and vegetables can help them avoid hunger and its side effects.


What is Plant a Row for the Hungry?
Launched  in  1995    by  GWA:  The  Association  for Garden  Communicators,  Plant  A  Row  for  the Hungry  is  a  people-helping-people  program.


How can you help?

Simple. Plant more than you need! Yes, this is one time when more is better! We encourage you to get out there and plant more than you can use. When you harvest your fruits, vegetables, and herbs, bring the extra here to share with others.

What do you do?

Bring your clean, fresh produce to Farmington Gardens starting June 15th.

Donations will be accepted every                                 Wednesday and Sunday through the growing season.

What do we do?

We will weigh and keep track of your donations for you. The amount doesn't matter. Together it adds up to make a difference.

We pair up with two local food groups that are in touch with people who can benefit from the extra help. They pick up and disburse your donations.

Through PAR we will give you a tax receipt at the end of the year.

Join us again this year to Harvest Hope.

What's Blooming 5.29.2016

So much color! It was hard to choose just a few.

          Weigela 'Sonic Bloom Pearl'                           Penstemon 'Red Riding Hood'

            Weigela 'Wine and Roses'                                  Veronica 'Royal Candles'

               Weigela 'Maroon Swoon'                                 Lupine 'Gallery Red'

              Rose 'Cherry Parfait'                                           Rose 'About Face'

What's New and Blooming 9/25/2015

Mix and match pumpkins, corn stalks, hay bales, grasses and blooming plants to create your own unique welcome of the season to friends and neighbors.





Click on image for larger view.