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Design With Summer Bulbs

Spring is the time to plant summer bulbs.

Bulbs need time to grow roots that will support and nourish the plant. The better the soil conditions and bulb quality, the bigger and better the blossom and leaves.

Elise will share best methods for the planting and care of various summer bulbs. Design guidelines for color combinations and bloom times will help in your creations.  Don't miss out on the summer bulbs that can add color, texture and even a touch of the exotic to your garden.

When:  February 22nd, 2015 @ 11AM

Where: Farmington Gardens

             21815 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton OR 97007

Cost:     Free but please REGISTER


Phone:   503.649.4568

The second half of the class will be hands on.

Bring your favorite pot or purchase a new one. We'll supply the potting soil! Elise can help you choose a combination of bulbs and accent plants. She will guide you step by step for some summer bulb magic.

Not ready to do a large planter? Take this opportunity to get begonias started inside while waiting to transplant them in warmer weather.

Seed Starting Workshop 2015

Some seeds are best started indoors at this time of year. By the time the outside temperatures are warm enough for planting, your seedlings will have that headstart on their production.

Andrea from Territorial Seeds, a local company, will talk about which seeds should be started now for our area.


She will show you which supplies are best used and how to do it. Yes, she will get her hands in the dirt while sharing secrets for getting your seeds off to a great start.

Germination issues, space saving ideas, and light and watering guidelines will be yours.

No large greenhouse required!


When:  February 15th, 2015 @ 11:00AM

Where: Farmington Gardens

              21815 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton OR 97007

Cost:     Free but please REGISTER


Phone:  503.649.4568

Mason Bees in Your Garden

mason bee in tubesBecause it is native, the mason bee is one of the earliest spring pollinators. Now is the best time to make your yard attractive to them, create new homes or help the cocoons you have start the new season in the best possible way.

Master Gardener and Native Pollinators Specialist Ron Splendal will share some of the 'best practices' he has learned.  He presently is doing research at a variety of Washington County sites which includes                                 maintaining over 400 nesting trays!

Come learn how to site and set up your own mason bee house. Find out which plants best attract these hard workers that pay their rent by pollinating your spring blooming fruits and vegetables.

Be prepared to be amazed and intrigued by these live and local mason bees.


When: February 8, 2015 @ 11:00AM

Where: Farmington Gardens

            21815 SW Farmington Road, Beaverton, OR

Cost: Free but please REGISTER


Phone: 503.649.4568



Happy Holidays 2015


Thank you for visiting us this year. We will be closing starting December 24th.

Our 2015 gardening year will open Saturday, January 17th.

Start yours using your earned Dave's Dollars, good through February 28th.

Until then, keep in touch with us through our Facebook page.

Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday Season

and a Happy New Year

Redeem Your Dave's Dollars


These colder months are the perfect time to plan for renovations or new additions to your garden. Create your own New Year's discount with your earned Dave's Dollars.

From January 17th through February 28th, 2015, you can match your Dave's Dollar with one US Dollar for up to 50% off any plant purchase.

What are you dreaming of?

Freshen Your Air With Houseplants

Most gardeners enjoy being out in the fresh air and feel a little stressed from the stale indoor winter air in our well insulated and sealed homes. Houseplants to the rescue!

Studies done by NASA and several major universities have confirmed that chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene can be given off from everyday cleaning products, furniture, flooring, even your electronic and printing equipment! Cardio and respiratory problems can result.

Houseplants, not only release oxygen into the air – helping us to better think and exercise, they are able to absorb some of this air pollution. The more plants you have in a room, the fresher your home air is. It is recommended to have a minimum of one plant per 100 square feet of floor space.

All houseplants can do this. They help create beautiful spaces in your home and can be very calming. A stress reducer? Who does not need that? If you want to talk to your plants, that can be healing too. Bottom line, houseplants are a great for everyone.

Happily, some of the top air freshening houseplants are ones that enjoy the bright indirect light we have in our Pacific Northwest homes. They include dracenae- particularly the red-edged ones, spider plants, pothos, peace lilies, weeping figs, philodendrons, parlor palms or bamboo palms and oddly, the very easy to grow snake plant.

Try your green thumb with any one of these. If you need help with their care, our customer service staff are very knowledgeable and ready to help.

By the way, poinsettias, cyclamen, Christmas cactus and living or fresh-cut trees also help keep the season and our air bright! See, you are already on the right track at this time of year!

Christmas Living and Christmas Cut

There are many options when it comes to choosing your Christmas tree.

The traditions of Christmases past usually have a strong influence on you when making that decision but there are other considerations. Once you have decided to choose local and natural, then you have to think about having a fresh-cut tree or a living tree.

We are offering Noble and Nordmann firs, two of the best for long lasting needles and strength of branches as fresh-cut trees. Choosing between two kinds makes it easier.

Fat Alberta spruce
Grand fir Hoopsii spruce Dwarf Alberta spruce Fat Albert spruce

It gets more difficult when choosing a living tree. There are more options than just size! Maybe you are lucky enough to have already decided on a new tree for your garden and know what it is you want.  We have many trees that can come inside for a time during the holiday season and can then be put outside and later planted to enjoy for many years to come.

Limber pine Bakeri spruce Pinus fastiagatus Horstmann's silberlocke
Limber pine Bakeri spruce Fastigiata pine Horstmann's Silberlocke

If you think you would like to go this route and are not sure what tree might work in your overall holiday décor, stop by to see the possibilities. There are many different types of firs, spruce and pines that will look wonderful all decked out and later serve as a focal point in your yard, along your driveway or as part of an ever growing landscape planting for wildlife in your garden.

noble trees thunderhead pines
Nobles Thunderhead pines

Come feel and smell the trees. Imagine them inside or on your front porch covered with lights and other decorations. Ask our customer service for help as to the trees’ growth habits and possibilities of keeping in a pot for a year or two.


             You could make the memories and beauty of this Christmas                                have a place in your yard all year long!


Information on the care of living Christmas trees.

Holiday Open House 2014

Save the date!

You are invited to

Farmington Gardens' Holiday Open House

November 15th and 16th, 2014

Boost your holiday spirit! Enjoy the ambience while getting decorating ideas from our greenhouse and gift shop seasonal displays.                    

Find that unique ornament, houseplant, poinsettia or fresh greenery that showcases your special style. Experience the beauty of the blooming hellebores and camellias.

Shop our huge variety of fresh, fragrant wreaths. These are beautiful displayed inside your home or outside on a door or gate. Mantle toppers and door swags are also available to help set your holiday scene.


Bring friends, family and camera to take a photo with Santa.
Santa and Mrs. Claus will be visiting both days from 11AM- 1PM

Wreath and Centerpiece Group Workshop

Posterized wreath on a red barn wallLooking for a fun holiday activity to do with friends or associates? Embellish a wreath or create a centerpiece for the holiday season. Great for garden clubs, co-workers, activity groups or just a group of friends and family! Call to schedule your own private group workshop for any day of the week.

We provide the materials, you provide the creativity! Assorted greens, cones, dried seeds, twigs and other natural material will be available along with a basic wreath or base for a centerpiece. Feel free to bring other special items you might like to use. Ducks and Beavers seem to appear at all times of year but sentimental Christmas ornaments or toys could work too!

Time slots fill quickly so be sure to call ahead to schedule your group's fun holiday activity.

When: Any day of the week

Time slots available: 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM, and 2:00 PM - 4:00PM

Where: Farmington Gardens

Group Size: Minimum of 5 to a maximum of 20 people

Cost: Wreath $30 or Centerpiece $20

Email: or

Call: 503.649.4568

Holiday Wreath and Centerpiece Workshops

Oh so simple, fun and uniquely yours!

Misty and Stephanie will help you choose from a variety of seasonal material to spice up a wreath or create a unique centerpiece.

Start with one of our basic 24" noble fir wreaths and customize it with an assortment of greens, dried seeds, cones, twigs and other natural materials - all of which we provide!

Bring in any special items you might like to include. Your creative ideas and our staff's knowledge and sense of design are sure to result in a memorable piece for your home or to give as a gift.


Or, add to your holiday decor by fashioning a centerpiece for your hallway or dining table. Thanksgiving and Christmas are holiday times of year when you invite friends over to your home. Delight them with your one-of-a-kind designs.

We'll supply the materials, you supply the creativity. Bring any special items you might want to use in addition to the greens, natural materials and small ornaments supplied.

Because we found this class to be a favorite group activity with visiting friends and family members on Thanksgiving weekend, we have added even more classes.

When: November 22nd, 2014 @11am-1pm

             November 29th, 2014 @11am-1pm

             December  6th, 2014 @11am-1pm

             December 13th, 2014 @11am-1pm                        

Where: Farmington Gardens

Cost: $30 for a wreath and $20 for the centerpiece

Preregistration and prepayment required.

Email: or

Call: 503.649.4568