November 2016

Winterizing Your Tools

Garden tools and gardeners benefit greatly from well kept tools.

Dull and dirty tools can be harmful to the plants, spread disease, damage tissue, and are harder to use. Regular cleaning and sharpening of all your gardening tools is ideal. At the very least, they should go through a nice overhaul before they are put away for the winter.

Photo from Michigan Gardener

Cleaning: Here is one option to try. Disassemble (if possible) and soak hand tools that are mildly soiled in strong brewed black tea until the tea has cooled. This will allow rust and debris to be wiped off easily. Tools that are more rust or sap laden may need extra scrubbing with a steel wool, sand paper, or a fine chisel before soaking in tea.

With tools that are used in the soil, such as shovels, it is wise to remove all the soil debris. A forceful stream of water could do the tric. For those of us in the PNW where the soil tends to be more on the clay side and stick, a wire brush or blunt object is sometimes required. Soil tools that have a large amount of rust, sand paper or steel wool may be required for a deeper clean.

Follow cleaning of any tool with a thin coat of motor oil. This increases resistance to rust while storing. Remember to oil nut and bolt areas as well. If your tools have wooden handles, wipe them with linseed oil to help keep moisture out and increase lifespan.

*Anytime of the year when pruning diseased plant material or working in diseased soil, remember to wash the tool thoroughly after use, either with alcohol or hot water and soap to prevent spread of disease.

Sharpening: Click here for more in-depth information provided by  Oregon State University Extension Services on sharpening a variety of gardening tools.

Holiday Wreath and Centerpiece Drop-In Workshops 2016

Create your own unique wreath or centerpiece!

Come alone or bring family and friends.

Everything will be ready for you to drop in from 11 through 2PM

Start with a basic noble fir wreath or centerpiece base form.

Choose additions from our wonderful selection of greens and colorful dried natural materials. You can also bring your some of your own Holiday pieces to add.

It doesn't matter whether this is your first time or a repeat Holiday tradition. With your creativity and how-to design suggestions from Misty and Stephanie, the finished work is sure to delight.Your guests and neighbors will be full of admiration!

Join us at these fun workshops. Music and laughter supplied!

 When: November 26th, 2016 from 11AM - 2PM ***FULL****

             December 3rd,   2016 from 11AM - 2PM ***FULL***

             December 10th, 2016 from 11AM - 2PM ***Open***

             December 17th, 2016 from 11AM - 2PM ***Open***

 Where: Farmington Gardens

              21815 SW Farmington Rd, Beaverton 97007

 Cost: Wreath $30.

           Centerpiece $25.

           Please prepay before the class.

 Register by calling 503.649.4568 or emailing

Wreath or Centerpiece Group Workshops 2016

Family and Friends Holiday Event

Embellish a wreath.

Create a centerpiece for the holiday season.

Great for garden clubs, co-workers, activity groups or just a group of friends and family!

Call to schedule your own private group workshop for any day of the week.

We provide the materials, you provide the creativity!

Assorted greens, cones, dried seeds, twigs and other natural material will be available along with a basic wreath or base for a centerpiece.

Feel free to bring other special items you might like to use.  Sentimental Christmas ornaments or toys would work. We'll even help you with your bow tying techniques.

Time slots fill quickly so be sure to call ahead to schedule your group's fun holiday activity.

When: Any day of the week starting November 27th, 2016

Where: Farmington Gardens

Group Size: Minimum of 5 to a maximum of 20 people

Cost: $25. for a centerpiece and $30. for a wreath

To arrange a specific time and date please

Email: or

Call: 503.649.4568