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One Skimmia Is Not the Same as the Other

female skimmia japonica with berriesSkimmia japonica have both male and female plants. Both produce fragrant, yellowish white flowers in the spring. The males have a much larger clump of blossoms.

The female, with her tinier flowers, bears a large clump of huge, red berries later in the season. You need only one male skimmia for every three to five females as long as they are in proximity of each other.

Our skimmia grow best in part shade where they can get up to 2 to 5 feet wide by 3 to 6 feet tall. Pacific Northwest acidic soils are perfect for them.skimmia japonica male

They are beautiful as a mass planting on a slope, can be used as a low hedge or placed anywhere you want year round color and interest.



Bloom and Perfume

daphne blossoms on variegated daphne marginataIf you are wondering where that waft of perfume came from, it is likely from a nearby daphne odora.

Looking good all year with their evergreen foliage, daphnes are now coming into the peak of their full sensual experience. They have a long bloom period in our cool springs and are exceptional placed near an entrance or pathway for passers-by to enjoy.

Daphne grows well in pots because it likes moisture and good drainage. Growing them on a mound helps avoid the problem of ‘wet feet’ in our rainy winter months. Morning sun and afternoon shade make them happiest. These beauties thrive in our acidic soils.

There are a variety of growth habits from 18 inches to 5 feet tall plus different bloom times. You can have the lovely daphne flower and fragrance from late winter through fall depending on your choice.

Stop by and let your senses enjoy all that is daphne odora.